Thursday, December 2, 2010


Between designing our twice yearly product releases, the studio works on architectural 
commissions through-out Asia and beyond. 

This time we were blessed with an extrordinary parcel of land a top Bali's prestigious cliff-top address - " The Bukit ". Perched at cliff's edge, the panoramic views to the Indian Ocean are jaw-dropping.

Below are our 3D images for a grand 5 Bedroom Villa complete with separate entertaining Cabana and Pool

 The porte-couchere was inspired by the roofs of  indigenous long-huts found on the 
Indonesian island of Sumatra
 The Pool Cabana complete with full service kitchen.
 A 'corridor' of well-lit palms creates a dramatic vista from the entrance through to the Cabana and beyond


  1. Pure heaven! The pool cabana is enough to make me green! Great job. KG

  2. What a lovely job you have .. and a super lovely design you have created. Should you ever need some designer umbrella's around any poolside haven you create, I'll gladly put my hand up to supply them (-:


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