Friday, July 15, 2011


Like me - your fingers are probably calloused from turning the pages of new-release interior / cookbooks.
Can’t get enough of them.

Yesterday, I received a wonderful “care package“ from Australia of late release lifestyle books and 
amongst them was
 “Guillaume – Food for Friends”
WOW!!! - 
This book is has re-set the bench mark.
Celebrated Chef Guillaume Brahimi 
(Bennelong Restaurant @ The Sydney Opera House) 
opens the doors of seven private houses and creates 
“food for friends” 
in Australia’s most stylish homes.

Here are a couple of pics that I’ve lifted from this fabulous
book to whet-your-appetite
Stunning photography by Anson Smart 
captures the style of each occasion and home and 
reminds us that the secret of a great meal owes 
as much to the people, the place and 
the spirit of the event as it does the food.
The book is called 
and is published by Penguin / Lantern.
Oh, and if Monsieur Guillaume is not stylish enough -  
 all royalties go to the
 Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney.
Have a beautiful weekend everyone.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


 Unexpected, whimsical & daring !
The classic wing chair is reinterpreted 
with a padded woven rattan peel -  without 
compromising the comfort of an original.
Deluxe-fill loose back and seat cushion.
( Outrigger Drum Table & Mandalay Dresser )

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