Friday, December 17, 2010

SOMEDAY (our prints will come) ...

Just to keep you in the loop! You may already know that
The Stuart Membery Fabric Collection 
will be released in 2011.
A range of co-ordinating Yarn -Dyes and Monotone Prints on 3 different
weights of Cotton Canvas.One entire collection will be devoted to INDIGO.

 INDIGO # 1.
 INDIGO # 2.

will be available through selected decorators world-wide.

We would love to hear from you if you wish to become a stockist.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

BALI Hi...

Thanks to you all for your warm response(s) to our jottings & posts.
Sometimes we do feel like castaways, shipwrecked on a remote island. 
It's wonderful to hear the beating of tom-tom's from distant shores. 
Stu and Novi xox


Mad about these dapper illustrations from the 1930's. 
Laurence Fellows genius as an illustrator lay in his ability to depict 
the well-heeled in their every-day activities.

They're having a good time, smiling and enjoying themselves in 
their relaxed, party-filled sphere, and all of them are illustrations of 
casual, well-tailored elegance.

 Whether they were traveling the world, hosting dinner parties, hunting grouse 
or just lounging around the penthouse or club - L. Fellow's somehow made 
their rarified universe accessible

What do you think ?
Perfect backdrops for our Furniture & Home Collection windows next Spring!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


 Lizzie & Catherine have just received their first shipment of furniture in store from our 
Home Collection.
Thanks for the photo gals - November Lilly's and Gardenia's - a fragrant reminder
of summer holidays ahead
This tropical inspired side-table is made from our vintage rattan with an
intricate woven geometric rattan-peel top.
Available in Natural ( pictured ) Walnut & Dark Mahogany
 Also available in Black and White Gloss
A classic trunk woven in vintage wicker. 
This sturdy trunk makes an ideal end table for Sofa or Bed.

Trimmed with Bridle Leather and Solid Brass hardware
Available in Natural ( pictured ) Walnut & Dark Mahogany

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


We are excited to announce the opening of a 
STUART MEMBERY HOME flagship store in Singapore.
Scheduled to open in the 3rd quarter of 2011, the array of specialty 
products featured in the showroom / store will provide decorators with endless 
options for the home that are unique and high quality.

We will keep you updated with our showroom progress.
In the meantime our full range of furniture and home accessories continues 
to be available in Singapore through our wonderful agent LYNDA TALBOT.

enquiry's: +65 9026 7061 email:


 Go one step further and do this classic cocktail the honor of drinking it 
in a cool breezy garden setting and dreaming of tropical Singapore.


Singapore Sling Ingredients

  • 30 ml Gin
  • 15 ml Cherry brandy
  • 120 ml pineapple juice
  • 15 ml lime juice
  • 7.5 ml Cointreau
  • 7.5 ml Dom Benedictine
  • 10 ml Grenadine
  • Dash of Angostura Bitters
  • Garnish with a slice of pineapple and cherry

Monday, December 6, 2010



Our over scaled vintage rattan sofa boasts deep seat cushions and is finished with
authentic rattan bindings. 5 luxurious back cushions. Available cols: Natural ( pictured) Walnut and Dark Brown.


Made from sustainable Mahogany this contemporary sofa table includes diagonal 
bracing and a wide tongue and groove table top. 
Available in Walnut & Dark Mahogany or in our Lacquer Custom Colors

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Between designing our twice yearly product releases, the studio works on architectural 
commissions through-out Asia and beyond. 

This time we were blessed with an extrordinary parcel of land a top Bali's prestigious cliff-top address - " The Bukit ". Perched at cliff's edge, the panoramic views to the Indian Ocean are jaw-dropping.

Below are our 3D images for a grand 5 Bedroom Villa complete with separate entertaining Cabana and Pool

 The porte-couchere was inspired by the roofs of  indigenous long-huts found on the 
Indonesian island of Sumatra
 The Pool Cabana complete with full service kitchen.
 A 'corridor' of well-lit palms creates a dramatic vista from the entrance through to the Cabana and beyond

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